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Rodent control with Racumin 3D

Welcome to the Rodent control with Racumin 3D course.

Welcome to the Bayer course on rodent control with Racumin 3D Paste. As you know, rodents can spoil food and cause damage to properties, as well as cause serious health problems for humans. Rats are carriers of diseases via fleas. They can also cause salmonellosis by urinating and defecating on food. Mice can also transmit diseases to humans, pets and livestock. It is important to control and remove rodents as soon as they appear in a home or on a property.

Pest Management with Temprid® SC

Pest Management with Temprid® SC

Temprid® SC is a perimeter pest control insecticide that combines two trusted active ingredients in a specialised suspension concentrate formulation. Temprid® has both contact and systemic actions with a fast knockdown and lasting residual control against a broad spectrum of pests, on a variety of surfaces and substrates inside and outside. The concentrated formula provides excellent value per dose in a convenient pack size.

For the control of pests such as ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and other hard-to-control pests, Temprid® provides results surpassing anything else currently on the market.

Spray equipment and calibration

Spray equipment and calibration

In this course we will have a closer look at the equipment used in the spray application of pesticides, as well as the calibration of spray equipment and basic calculations to ensure optimal application of pesticides.

Ant Identification Guide and Elimination

Welcome to the ant identification guide and elimination course.

Worldwide, there are more than 16 subfamilies, more than 320 genera and more than 12,000 described species of ants. South Africa has a particularly large and diverse ant fauna consisting of more than 620 described species from 68 genera in 9 subfamilies. With several pest ant species, each with their own behavioral characteristics preferred nesting sites and food preferences, ants can be a significant challenge to control. Get the knowledge in this course to improve your success with ant control.

Best Practice Ant Control

A best practice procedure for treatment of ants

Welcome to the Bayer Amplify training on best practice procedure for the treatment of ants in domestic situations.

Don’t risk your reputation and your customer satisfaction. Use the Bayer Best Practice Procedure and Bayer product range to ensure the consistent quality of your treatment and avoid the costly mistakes that damage your professionalism, your reputation and your business.

The objective of this course is to provide you with a simple four-step process to use when treating ants in any domestic property. This approach provides you with a consistent methodology, no matter what the situation, to ensure you get control of ants and provide a quality service, job after job.

Once you have successfully completed this course you should be able to confidently use the Bayer Best Practice Procedure approach to tackle any ant problem in a domestic property and grow your satisfied customer database.

Bed bugs – treatment and control

Welcome to the bed bugs – treatment and control course.

In this course we look at treating for and controlling bed bugs, the loathed domestic and accommodation industry pest. The objective of effective bed bug control is to target the insects where they live, hide and breed. After describing how to identify and inspect for bed bugs, we explain various treatments – non-chemical and chemical – and offer a number of different products for effective eradication.

Cockroach Control with Maxforce Gel baits

Welcome to the Cockroach Control with Maxforce Gel baits course.

Cockroaches can be a major problem for home and business owners alike. In this course we look at baiting for cockroaches with the Maxforce® Cockroach Gel range. The new Maxforce® Platin is a next generation gel against American and German cockroaches – and their nymphs.

Pest Information: Cockroaches

Welcome to the cockroach identification course.

This course gives pest control technicians a basic understanding of cockroaches, where they hide, what they need to survive and how to identify different species.


Pest information – Fleas and flea control

Welcome to the Pest information – Fleas and flea control course.

Fleas are highly specialised bloodsucking ectoparasites belonging to the order of insects called Siphonaptera, which means ‘wingless siphon’.    As a professional pest manager, understanding flea biology, their health implications and life cycle will assist you to control fleas and ensure customer satisfaction.


Managing a rodent infestation on the farm

Welcome to managing rodent infestations course.

Rodent infestations can grow exponentially if left uncontrolled, causing severe damage to South African farms. Infestations can easily become pandemic thus timely control is essential to limit growth and cause minimal damage.

Get the knowledge in this course to improve your success with rodent infestations.

Treating domestic situations for pests

Treating domestic situations for pests

Think of this as a residential pest control case study.  Whilst all domestic environments have their own idiosyncrasies in terms of construction, pest pressure and householding, the approach in most cases can be considered similar.

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